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DYNA training
  • Discover CORE Leadership Intelligence

    South Africa’s leading supervisory development process


  • Progress Your CORE Learners to a Full Qualification

    Your CORE learners have already earned 1/3 of the credits towards a full qualification

  • Experience How Great Managers Transform Your Business

    Management and leadership skills are the engine room of your organisation


  • Experience Cutting Edge Virtual Facilitation

    Take your leadership team to the next level with DYNA's online offering

DYNA training

Leaders are not born. We develop them.

DYNA Training believe in potential. Our passion is helping others realise theirs. Established in 1976, DYNA Training has provided thousands of participants with the skills they need to establish long lasting leadership chains; transforming organisations and creating an internal culture of performance.

With support and knowledge, we help facilitate the upskilling and empowerment of employees. We ensure they take ownership of their positions and continually grow their leadership talents.

Our measurable learning application ensures the highest level of workplace-project achievement, identifying critical skills which transform strategy into action and training into results. Our programmes have become a leadership benchmark for many top 300 companies and offer supported progression through the NQF levels. Our cost-effective results are not only rapid in delivery but also provide superior follow-up support to ensure that key elements of a business’s strategy are implemented effectively.

DYNA training have the right on-line learning courses for your needs

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