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CORE is established as the leading blended supervisory development programme in South Africa. The programme equips supervisors with the confidence and skill to lead and drive performance. Through the cross pollination of ideas, learners begin to identify themselves as a critical component of the leadership chain. They learn to accept responsibility for their role as executors of strategy, Including how to nurture a collaborative culture focused on operational excellence. DYNA’s advanced learning methodology shifts attitudes, changes behaviours and grows effective first line leaders.

Programme details

Title: CORE Supervisory Skills Programme
Qualification ID: SAQA 57712
NQF Level: 4
NQF Credits: 51
Duration: 9 Days training (3 Phases of 3 days)
Completion fee: Area specific – Refer to registration form
Venue: Refer to registration form

Learning outcomes

  • Lead teams to achieve targets
  • Use time optimally
  • Clarify roles and authority
  • Present and motivate ideas
  • Use a people-centered approach
  • Use appropriate leadership styles
  • Build teams in a changing environment
  • Improve two-way communication
  • Plan to improve efficiencies/reduce waste
  • Planning for team performance
  • Assigning & prioritising tasks
  • Understand motivational indicators & what motivates
  • Understand the leader’s role in motivation
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Develop a problem solving attitude
  • Engage stakeholders in analysing problems
  • Select, plan and implement solutions
  • Analyse effectiveness
  • Provide practical performance coaching
  • Lead and motivate diverse teams
  • Manage self and emotional intelligence
  • Lead team meetings*
  • Apply grievance procedures*
  • Conduct effective meetings*
  • Apply corrective action and work with labour legislation*
  • Use written communication effectively*

*Extended outcomes available in Gauteng and Western Cape

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“First line leaders have the most direct impact on employee engagement, customer satisfaction and
operational excellence.”

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