Business Sense allows regular people to experience starting and running a small business in an unforgettable two day learning simulation. They start and run a business in competition with other businesses tackling the challenges of marketing, accounting, quality, managing people and growing the business.

  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Market your new business
  • Develop a quality product / Service
  • Build customer relations
  • Manage your money and expenses

Programme details

Title: Business Sense
Duration: 2 day programme
Learner entry requirements: Minimum Grade 10/Std. 8 OR complete a pre-training assessment to determine entry level

“I never knew that starting a business could be so challenging and so much fun. Thank you Business Sense for giving me the building blocks to start my own business” Ellen Fernandez

Learning outcomes

• Learn to identify new business opportunities and start a new business
• Choose a company name and slogan and start marketing your business
• Work with budgets and business plans
• Experience working with and controlling money
• Become actively involved in marketing, production and providing world-class service to their customer
• Negotiate wages and realise the importance of positive labour relations
• Share information and generate creative and innovative ideas
• Feel the effects of absenteeism and poor quality on team profitability
• Experience real competition and compete on their ability to be profitable
• Take responsibility for balancing “books”, paying tax and rewarding stakeholders

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