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If you are on top of your leadership game and looking to propel yourself to the next level, then the Global Leadership Series is for you.

What are your blind spots?
How can you develop adaptive leadership skills?
How can you broaden your perspective and effectively lead your teams in times of uncertainty?
GLS will integrate skills, emotional intelligence and systems thinking to make you a more effective Global Leader.

Programme details

Title: Global Leadership Series (GLS)
Qualification ID:
NQF Level:
NQF Credits:
Duration: 6 Days training (2 phases of 3 days, over two months)
Venue: In-house or to be advised
DATES: Request registration form

Learning outcomes

• Learning to lead in uncertain times
• Producing results through “human systems” thinking
• Rethinking leadership
• Working through the 8 keys to engagement
• Mastering mentorship
• Managing energy, emotion and time
• Understanding potential leadership blind spots
• Learning to manage uncertainty with adaptive leadership skills
• Creating high performance cultures
• Understanding cross generational talent leadership
• Becoming self aware and emotionally intelligent
• Building conversational intelligence and trust
• Understanding the principles of performing in a state of flow
• Workplace implementation

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“As we look ahead into the future, effective leaders will be those who empower others.” Bill Gates

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