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Business Sense puts employees in the position of company owners. Through running a business they experience the realities of business and the broader economic environment. Their experience on the programme energise them into:

  • Fighting Waste
  • Improving Quality
  • Reducing Absenteeism
  • Building Team Spirit
  • Understanding how they influence
  • Profit / Loss / Survival

Programme details

Title: Business Sense
Unit Standard: 8000
NQF Level: 3
NQF Credits: 9
Duration: 1 day programme
Date: Request registration form
Venue: Refer to registration form
Learner entry requirements: Learners wishing to earn credits need to complete a Summative Assessment (portfolio of evidence) after the programme.

Learning outcomes

• Learn to make business decisions as teams and feel the impact of their decisions on the “bottom-line”
• Experience the importance of managing time – time is money
• Work with budgets and business plans
• Experience working with and controlling money
• Become actively involved in marketing, production and providing world-class service to their customer
• Negotiate wages and realise the importance of positive labour relations
• Share information and generate creative and innovative ideas
• Feel the effects of absenteeism and poor quality on team profitability
• Experience real competition and compete on their ability to be profitable
• Take responsibility for balancing “books”, paying tax and rewarding stakeholders

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“This is the perfect opportunity for supervisors to consolidate their process manufacturing experience into a nationally recognised management qualification.”

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