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Experience how GREAT managers transform your business

The BMS programme is designed to develop next generation leaders capable of leading change in times of uncertainty.

1.      Grow the emotional intelligence of your leaders.
2.      Support your leaders in building commitment around purpose.
3.      Help your leaders learn to break down silos, by looking at behaviour and culture from a systems perspective, making it easier to engage employees at all levels.
4.      Provide your leaders with a toolbox of practical skills ranging from coaching to leading agile teams.

“Organisations that put purpose at the heart of the way they create value are going to be the performers of the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

Roland Innes

Programme details

Title: BMS Best Management Skills Programme
Qualification ID: SAQA ID 59201
NQF Level: 5
NQF Credits: 46
Duration: 6 Days training (2 phases of 3 days)
Venue: Request registration form
DATES: Request registration form
*Optional Summative Assessment: Learners wishing to earn a Certificate of Competence need to complete a Summative Assessment (portfolio of evidence) after phase 2.

Learning outcomes

• Communicate to move people
• Be the best & bring out the best in others
• Develop leadership competencies
• Lead with emotional intelligence
• Develop your ability to lead & influence
• Understand your role as leader
• Be able to engage employees
• Gather & collect evidence in a disciplinary hearing
• Develop practical coaching skills into a habit
• Manage your energy and multiply time
• Build high performance teams
• Create agile mindsets
• Develop self-awareness
• Build commitment around purpose
• Break down silos by looking at behaviour & culture from a people systems perspective
• Lead performance & manage poor performance
• Lead networks of empowered teams to focus on the customer experience
• Use emotional intelligence and personal programming to resolve conflict
• Give effective feedback
• Lead SPRINT decision making & learning cycles

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“This is the perfect opportunity for supervisors to consolidate their process manufacturing experience into a nationally recognised management qualification.”

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