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Develop the ABILITIES of your learners with disabilities and claim key points on your B-BBEE scorecard

Disability learnerships will boost your companies B-BBEE scorecard by more than 12 points. DYNA Training runs Learnerships for learners with disabilities, taking the “dis” out of disability. Persons with disabilities are not without their own abilities, sometimes they have simply never been developed. By providing learnership opportunities for people with disabilities you are improving the lives of those less fortunate.

Our track record of over 93% of learners existing our learnerships as competent has been based on following a holistic and integrated approach to working with learners with disabilities.

Working through the disabled community network

Learners talk about good learnerships and placements, this is no different in the disabled community. Over the years we have developed a “learnership pool” from which we can access disabled learners. Each of these learners has been assessed and their disability verified. Through the communities’ input and our pre-assessments we are better able to match the right learner to the right qualification.

Disability Care Management
Disability does not keep office hours

We strive to understand the learner within their “life” context. So many employers and providers only deal with disability during “working hours”. At DYNA we provide care and support that extends into the learner’s home and community life. Support needs to be forthcoming whenever it is needed. It is through this support that caring relationships are developed that ultimately help learners succeed in their learning goals.

Learnership Hosting
Building minds, building abilities, and building leadership

Learners are hosted at the various DYNA Hosting venues during their non-training days to provide opportunities for them to complete their portfolio work. Learnership completion is our success story at DYNA Training. Learners are also exposed to coaching, life skills training and leadership training at the hosting venues.

Disability Life Skills
Embracing my abilities to be greater than my disabilities

Learners living with disabilities have unique challenges that are overwhelming without sufficient life skills. Every person can successfully manage their life when given the right tools. This is our action & passion to assist learners with the skills & tools for successful living. Coaching, life skills, tools for managing disability challenges, is what makes the difference with our learners.

Learner Support
Living empowered and nurtured

Every champion has a support team that helps them become winners. DYNA learners are no different. Providing supportive relationships and a supportive environment does more for our learner’s success than a good training programme. Sufficient empowering & nurturing turns anyone into a winner that conquers their challenges.

Owning Our Tomorrow

Learners are coached for success through group sessions or one on one coaching, related to their work, life challenges or disability issues. Our coaching sessions assists our learners in developing a “champion’s mindset”. A champion who owns their tomorrow.

Boost your B-BBEE scorecard points and contact us today!

Over 50 learnerships are currently available to be layered on top of our disability infrastructure, including:

  • Generic Management – NQF L4
  • Generic Management – NQF L5
  • FETC: New Venture Creation – NQF L 4
  • National Certificate: New Venture Creation (SMME) – NQF L2
  • National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing – NQF L3
  • National Certificate: Information Technology (Systems Development) – NQF L5
  • FETC: IT Database Development (Cyber Security) – NQF L6
  • FETC: IT Database Development (Data Analysis) – NQF L6
  • National Certificate: Project Management – NQF L5

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“As we look ahead into the future, effective leaders will be those who empower others.” Bill Gates

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