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Customer Sense is an unforgettable one day learning experience that removes barriers to excellent service.

Customer sense is all about value and how to maximise the customer’s perception of value:

  • Customer Sense focuses on establishing service PROCESS FLOW excellence throughout the value chain.
  • Emphasises value creation and elimination of waste
  • Makes customer service a collective responsibility
  • Makes value flow, through improved teamwork and communication

Programme details

Title: Customer Sense
Unit Standard: 242829
NQF Level: 4
NQF Credits: 5
Duration: 1 day programme; focus group to track service given and service received
Date: Request registration form
Venue: Refer to registration form
Learner entry requirements: Learners wishing to earn credits need to complete a Summative Assessment (portfolio of evidence) after the programme.

Learning outcomes

• Identify the level of service required to distinguish their organisation from others
• Understand the value of the customer in terms of business profitability, growth, referrals and feedback
• Recognise that anything that does not create value for the customer is simply creating unnecessary noise
• Estimate the strength of their teams’ customer knowledge
• Estimate their teams’ service skills
• Estimate their teams’ experience in satisfying customers
• Understand the basic characteristics and behaviours required to support excellent customer service
• Understand what customers want and how they make purchasing decisions
• Understand that service excellence requires excellence throughout the value chain
• Realise that we are all essentially providers and receivers of service
• Identify their position in the value chain
• Identify how they can improve the level of service they offer within the chain
• Identify moments of truth within their organisation
• Share experiences of what can and has gone wrong in the past
• Deal with dissatisfied customers constructively
• Identify ways to prevent problems from reoccurring
• Document best practice for satisfying customers

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“This is the perfect opportunity for supervisors to consolidate their process manufacturing experience into a nationally recognised management qualification.”

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