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The programme focuses on the practical skills necessary to succeed as a team or newly appointed leader. Workplace application is customised to key organisational focus areas such as:

• Focus on reducing waste
• Focus on improving workplace relations (IR)
• Focus on improvement projects

Project results are presented by the learners for evaluation by the DYNA Facilitator. Managers of these learners are encouraged to attend these presentations in order to experience and validate the application of their learners.

Programme details

Title: CORE Beginnings
Unit Standard: 13912
NQF Level: 3
NQF Credits: 5
Duration: 2 day programme; 1 month workplace application; on-site visit by the DYNA Facilitator where projects are presented and evaluated
Venue: Refer to registration form
DATES: Request registration form per client request
*Optional Summative Assessment: Learners wishing to earn a Certificate of Competence need to complete a Summative Assessment (portfolio of evidence) after the programme. Entry requirement – Grade 11 / Std. 9 or 5 years workplace experience.

Learning outcomes

• Apply team building skills
• Understand the role of a supervisor
• Practice basic leadership skills
• Manage team meetings
• Understand and apply problem-solving and decision-making skills
• Understand and apply planning principles

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“This is the perfect opportunity for supervisors to consolidate their process manufacturing experience into a nationally recognised management qualification.”

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