CORE is established as the leading blended supervisory management process in South Africa. Never before have competent supervisors mattered so much. Employees struggling with the impacts of the pandemic as well as personal and economic stress need strong leadership and direction. The programme equips supervisors with the confidence to lead in a crisis and provides them with the skills to consolidate customer relations and to navigate production challenges. Learners participate virtually from their individual computer or as groups from your IT/boardroom

Programme details

Title: CORE Supervisory Skills Programme
Qualification ID: SAQA 57712
NQF Level: 4
NQF Credits: 51
Duration: 6 days training (3 phases of 2 days)
*Optional Summative Assessment: Learners wishing to earn a Certificate of Competence need to complete a Summative Assessment (portfolio of evidence).
Completion fee: As per area, Refer to registration form
Venue: Refer to registration form

Learning outcomes

• Building resilience & leading in crisis
• Leading virtual teams & working with team members in isolation
• Self Management
• Use time optimally
• Clarify roles and authority
• Present and motivate ideas
• Use a people-centered approach
• Use appropriate leadership styles
• Build teams in a changing environment
• Conduct effective meetings
• Improve virtual communication
• Plan to improve efficiencies/reduce waste
• Evaluate team performance
• Resolve conflict
• Provide constructive feedback
• Use basic problem solving techniques
• Use written communication effectively
• Lead and motivate diverse teams

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“This is the perfect opportunity for supervisors to consolidate their process manufacturing experience into a nationally recognised management qualification.”