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Feedback from our clients

Dear Jerome
I want to take this opportunity to highlight the impact the Leadership Development Program has on my career and personal life.
I was granted the opportunity little more than three months ago to attend this course. I thought to myself “what more can I learn as I feel like being a leader is self-explanatory and comes naturally”. Gosh, was I wrong!
From day one I sat in awe of all the topics and skills we covered in this course. I went home everyday with new experiences, perspectives, and skills. Some of the topics that had the greatest impact on me was Leadership Styles, Diversity in Teams, and Resolving Conflict. We had numerous discussions in the sessions, and I learned so much from the delegates that also attended the course.
Lindiwe is an excellent facilitator and leader by nature. She communicated the messages in such a manner that we all understood and participated in discussions. She always included everyone in all tasks and her outgoing personality ensured that we all felt at home. She even inspired me to learn a 3rd language after I completed my studies.

I have been applying skills I learned in my career and personal life and could very clearly see the positive impact it has on myself and those around me.

I completed the course with a fresh perspective, a fresh skillset, a hunger to grow and numerous friendships formed on this course. I will advise any company to give current and future leaders the opportunity to learn with Dyna Training.

Thank you very much!

Joa de BeerProfessional Sales Representative
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