I used to be so shy in school. Now I enjoy working with people. I am speaking up. I have confidence in my knowledge and what I am saying. I don’t put myself down anymore, and I have a much more positive outlook. This learnership has been a personal journey too and I am learning a lot through the process.

Sinazo Phangabuso is coming towards the end of her first learnership with DYNA Training, and very much hopes to extend her studies and opportunities through DYNA to learn different skills. “I cannot wait to learn more about what I am capable of,” she says.

This dedicated learner finds the teaching environment to be one that involves no judgment, with the facilitators being willing to answer as many questions as needed until you are comfortable. The patience with which the trainers engage their learners has led Sinazo to not feel embarrassed nor judged for her disabilities, but rather to feel that these disabilities are embraced. This acceptance has helped encourage her to communicate openly with the group of learners, and to participate in the sessions with enthusiasm.

“We help one another as a group, and I have made good friends. I am so excited for each training session”. This is very different from what Sinazo has experienced at other learnerships with different companies, where she felt she was pushed through the courses without proper understanding and knowledge. She explained that at DYNA, there are professional facilitators who show compassion, making sure you are comfortable with the work, and who are very “disability wise”.

In DYNA Training’s learnerships, you can do your work at your own pace, as long as you meet the main deadlines along the way to keep you on track. This type of structure suits Sinazo’s needs, as someone who’s condition worsens when she is put under heavy pressure. “This is more stress-free, with help at every step of the way, and the trainers are involved in our studies, and in our personal challenges, giving us individual support”, describes Sinazo.

The NQF Level 4 qualification in Generic Management that she is completing is right up Sinazo’s alley, as she loves data capturing, and administration, and loves to be organised. However, this course has taught Sinazo much more: “ I can see another side of me, motivating other people to be themselves and to celebrate differences. I believe this is needed in the workplace and outside businesses, in communities.”

Just like Colin, DYNA’s learnership manager has taught her, Sinazo wants to share with others that they can achieve whatever they aspire to, disabled or not. She is looking forward to putting to work what she learned.