Being here, I have learnt to work with others who have disabilities, and I have learnt how to adjust to what they need. I know this will help me in the workplace and my personal life. Teamwork is so important.

Nolisindiso Buti is currently completing her second learnership with DYNA Training and will soon achieve an NQF Level 5 qualification in Generic Management. This hardworking learner, who is outgoing and confident, has particularly enjoyed how most tasks within the Disability Learnerships have been centred on collaboration. “Identifying our own and each other’s strengths and weaknesses have helped us bind together as a group and work well within a team,” says Nolisindiso.

Not only do the DYNA facilitators teach the content well, ensuring that the work is clear to you; Nolisindiso explains that they provide context-based and visual examples to aid your understanding of how to apply the work. “But not just that,” elaborates Nolisindiso, “DYNA teaches you real life skills as well, like budgeting, and conflict management, and how to apply for more opportunities, and how to lead. Things you don’t get taught in other places.”
Leadership is an important quality and skill for Nolisindiso. Having had experience as a team leader when she worked in data capturing, and now as a leader within DYNA’s learnerships, it is clear that this charismatic lady has her sights set on upper-level management. And rightly so. But not before increasing her experience and qualifications.

Nolisindiso aims to build her skillset and her CV further before re-entering the working world: “I love a challenge, and I always strive to learn more and educate myself as much as I can. I am always searching for opportunities to further my studies” she says. Forward planning can also be added to Nolisindiso’s long list of talents. With a young family at home, she plans to expand her qualifications now, before setting out to secure a stable career as her children’s needs grow.

“As a family, you know, we all love a challenge. We’re always debating. My husband and I are so proud of our children’s confidence and their growing thirst for knowledge,” describes Nolisindiso. It seems passion and intellect run in the family. With her love for maths, which she is sure her daughter has inherited from her, Nolisindiso hopes to pursue IT and feels that DYNA Training’s Database Development – Data Analysis – at NQF Level 6 will be a great fit for the near future.