DYNA is a very happy, fresh atmosphere. I like the teaching. They also provide us with learning support and resources like Wi-Fi to do research which helps us a lot. And we all help each other. It’s like a home, and I have made great new friends.

Siphosethu Phinzi, who is completing his first year with DYNA Training, describes how central teamwork is in what and how they are taught. He doesn’t have to face challenges alone, as the group of learners often work together, sharing knowledge and collaborating to ensure that the content is understood by everyone.

Siphosethu is currently studying Generic Management at NQF Level 4 and says he enjoys gaining a deeper understanding of how the world operates in terms of business. Having done related subjects at school, Siphosethu is passionate about the opportunity to study business further, and at a more comprehensive level.

“Learning is the most important part,” he says, but elaborates on the many different ways that DYNA has helped him as well. This includes introducing Siphosethu to a more business-wise way of living, providing resources for learning, and providing a supportive space where personal issues are embraced, and guidance is offered.

This Disability Learnership is more than just academic training, explains Siphosethu. “I have made good friends, and the atmosphere here is so positive, and so are the topics we discuss”, he says. Often talking as a group about opportunities to study further or secure stable jobs, Siphosethu is beginning to see possibilities again for his future.

“I thought life was over when I had the stroke,” he explains, “I lost my job, and effort of recovering was big. But now I’ve started to value things again. I am hungry for new opportunities”. Siphosethu’s previous employment paid well but involved physical labour. It was a hard blow to have to resign. Thus, being on this Disability Learnership helps to cover costs until he can find a different job that suits his needs.

Providing for his family and his children is very important for Siphosethu, and while he misses his old job, he is looking forward to exploring different avenues through his studies to again find secure employment. Through this learnership, he has discovered the power and enjoyment of studying.

“Learning from others, sharing knowledge, and motivation, in the business world, has opened my eyes,” says Siphosethu, “I want to enrich my life, studying as much as I can”. He elaborates on how DYNA is helping him look further, broadening his idea of what work he can do. For Siphosethu, this year with DYNA Training has been far more valuable than just academic training.