This learnership with DYNA accommodates disability. Not many do. Being given this opportunity is very empowering, especially because we are treated and seen the same as ‘able’ people.

Zimkitha Khota is currently completing her NQF Level 5 qualification in Generic Management with DYNA Training. There is no doubt that Zimkitha is excited by the idea of getting a job after completing her qualification, however, she would prefer to gain more experience through another learnership first. Not only does she feel that this will help prepare her more for the workplace, but it is clear that Zimkitha has a passion for studying.

Having first studied Human Resources in college years ago, and now NQF Level 4 and 5 Generic Management through DYNA’s Disability Learnership, Zimkitha is passionate about growing her areas of expertise. “My favorite part,” she says, “is when I am learning new things, expanding my knowledge”. An admirable trait.

According to Zimkitha, DYNA Training has made learning even more fun, incorporating games into their teaching style, which helps clear their minds, builds teamwork and consolidates the content all at the same time. Zimkitha explains that she has learned many skills through DYNA, not only in terms of the course content that they explain so clearly but on a personal level as well.

“I have grown in my confidence; I don’t feel fearful to ask or to answer questions. I used to be too shy to do that”, she elaborates. The staff, trainers, and fellow learners that are part of the learnerships offer support with personal challenges, and particularly those relating to one’s disabilities. Zimkitha feels comfortable talking about anything with the group. She has made good friends through the learnership and feels that the space has given her a second home, another family.

Zimkitha is a mom at home, but here in the DYNA Training family, she jokingly explains how she feels she is a little sister to her fellow learners. She loves how no one is left to struggle on their own, and feels supported in this environment where teamwork is so important.