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So much has changed about the way we work, not least the role of managers.

“What it means to be a leader needs to change in the world post-Covid, with emphasis on different skill sets and professional leadership training,” says Ronald Innes, CEO at training company Dyna.

He advises leaders that:

  • The key to productivity is good communication, which can be hard to maintain when your team is working from home. Managers need to find creative ways to keep workers engaged.
  • Managers may feel they play a less-important role now, but they are an even more vital part of the organisation. Leadership within business has never been more important than it is now, and the current landscape is a unique opportunity for effective leaders to shine.
  • Now is not the time for micro-management and clock-watching – the focus should be on inspiring and coaching team members to develop and maintain relationships.
  • There needs to be an understanding that leaders are there to provide a service, and should
    treat their teams with empathy, humanity and respect.

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