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Navigating South Africa’s education landscape for future skills – Workforce Training and Consulting Cluster unpacks the challenges and opportunities

By 22 May 2024Articles

South Africa stands at a critical juncture in shaping its education landscape to meet the demands of the future workforce. Against this backdrop, Workforce Training and Consulting proudly announces the success of their recent breakfast seminar held at the Houghton Hotel, Johannesburg. The event, themed “Navigating South Africa’s Education Landscape for Future Skills,” convened leading experts and stakeholders to explore pivotal strategies and solutions.

The seminar served as a timely platform to dissect the challenges and opportunities inherent in South Africa’s education system, particularly in light of the evolving needs of the workforce. With an esteemed panel of speakers including Leigh-Ann Revill, CEO at Chartall Business College, Dr. Makhapha Makhafela, COO of SAQA, Tshediso Matona, BBE Commissioner, and Jonathan Goldberg, Labour Lawyer, attendees gained valuable insights into navigating this complex terrain.

Key discussions revolved around the imperative for inclusivity in the economy, the role of lifelong learning in tapping into untapped talent pools, and the transition to the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) as a pivotal step in enhancing skills development.

Dr. Makhapha Makhafela advocated for proactive, solution-oriented conversations, stressing the importance of leveraging the township economy and investing in lifelong learning to foster a skilled workforce capable of driving economic growth.

Leigh-Ann Revill raised critical questions about the effectiveness of training providers in equipping individuals with the skills demanded by the modern workplace, emphasising collaboration, research, and workplace integration as key components of effective training programmes.

Jonathan Goldberg shed light on the National Skills Development Strategy and the challenges associated with balancing BBBEE compliance and training for skills needed in business. He emphasised digital skills and the need for both degrees and .

Daniel Orelowitz, MD at Training Force, further emphasised the need for educational programmes to align with business needs and future-required skills, advocating for active involvement of businesses in curriculum development.

As South Africa strives to position itself competitively in the global economy, Workforce Training and Consulting’s seminar provided a pivotal platform for stakeholders to collectively navigate the education landscape, ensuring the nation’s workforce is equipped with the skills essential for future success.

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